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What is Marketing Technology?

Posted by:Princy Gupta onJanuary 12, 2022

An introduction to Marketing Technology

Marketing, in layman’s, is said to be a form of communication between the company and its customer audience. It is done in order to influence or induce a favorable response from the customer base directed towards the company’s own product or service.  The best thing about marketing is that it is highly versatile in nature and can be adapted or tailored in accordance to the needs of the company, which makes it an important factor and hence is included in the list of activities for almost every company. It is also said to be a very detailed and defined process, so careful planning and strategizing has to be done before implementation of any marketing plan in order to make it more successful.

Technology, on the other hand, does not need any introduction. It is something that we are using on almost a regular basis. Be it a smartphone or a simple transistor, these are all classic examples of technology and can also be said to show a form of evolution. Before, radio transistors were used in order to listen to songs and news. But the advent of television changed everything, which was later trumped by computer and, in recent times, smartphones. But this is an example of evolution within the technological field. The transition of newspaper, from physical printed copy to e-paper, is the perfect example for evolution of physical to digital.

Where ever you go, almost everything is digital. This is where Marketing Technology comes in. Not the one to be left behind, the world of marketing has been effectively digitized with the advent of marketing technology.

So, what exactly is marketing technology? Well, simply put, marketing technology features a set of tools and services that help you in effective and efficient working. In this digitized version of marketing, there is a plethora of tools and applications that are available that help you in gauging your performance and suggesting how to make it better and efficient. It is available as software as well as on as online platform host. Depending on your organization size and structure, you can easily customize on you marketing technology software or platform. Be it a marketing-based organization or even an IT-based organization, these marketing technology platforms can be applied with ease. The tools provided vary according to the size of the service it is being used for. The main purpose of using these marketing tools is to promote unique solutions for every user.

If we talk about marketing technology platform, it features a set of tools that help the marketers make marketing simple. How? Well, they feature an inbuilt database that helps in compiling results and other reports that make keeping track of things easier. Not only that, but they also perform time taking and repetitive tasks with autonomous functions and help in providing customer insight. It also helps in removing unwanted tasks and steps by customizing and downsizing the process to only the necessary steps. Besides this, marketing technology helps in reducing the need for elaborate IT, sometimes even completely eliminating it, hence reducing cost and time used in general.

Over the years, the marketing technology has grown by leaps and bound, having a marketing technology tool for almost every customer need. The most common being SEO tools, or Search Engine Optimization tools, that are used for evaluation of website pages and giving real-time search results. SEO friendly copies are known to have significantly more views as opposed to non-SEO friendly copies, which speak volumes about these marketing technology tools.

Niche marketing, online ads, PPC and even sponsorship can be done with marketing technology tools. They help in several areas, and have various applications like landing page boost, analytical support, improving usability, better content creation and many more.

They also feature a set of growth tools that help in personalizing the marketing content and retention of customers. Marketing Technology tools help in improving marketing interactivity, which boosts customer satisfaction and, thus, increasing customer retention.

But in order to reap full benefits of these Marketing Technology tools, they have to be used to their maximum capacity. This is where the experts step in. In order to use these tools, one needs to have full knowledge of them and be up-to-date with the changes happening in the marketing technology community. This is a difficult task, and most of the time decreases efficiency rather than increasing it. An expert or professional, on the other hand, will be solely focused on making sure that the marketing technology tools function properly and stay updated on all the changes and upgrades happening, thus making it more effective and efficient.

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