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In today’s world of fast paced online services, companies are gradually migrating to the web to offer its services. But that requires a well-developed website which offers the customers and clients with an easy to use and browse the company’s services and products. We at Fierce Hound Media understand very well the intricacies of the internet and how to tailor them to derive maximum benefit, which in turn delivers comprehensive solutions for all your online needs. We offer an array of services such as Web Design and Development and CRM Development to conceptualize, maintain, design, name and develop your website.

  • Web Hosting: This service includes sub-services like storage space administration, access administration and many more. We Fierce Hound Media realize that every company has different needs and requirements so we are always keen on modifying our Web Hosting services to match our client’s specification for maximum efficiency.
  • Web Design & Development:OurWeb design services utilizes many different skills and disciplines from inception to production and maintenance of websites. We offer the industries best web graphic design, interface design,content authoring, including the implementation of standardised code and proprietary software, along with superb user experience design, and search engine optimization.
  • Mobile Apps Development: With more consumers using their mobile devices, having a mobile app changes a lot of parameters and operations of a company, and for the better. We at Fierce Hound Media comprehend the potential of Android apps and thus strive to offer full scale mobile app services from conceptualization to production to testing and maintenance.
  • CRM Development: CRM or Customer Relation Management helps organizations provide better products and services to consumers for superior customer experience. At Fierce Hound Media, our team and our CRM solutions delivers better customer data management for better accountability and collaboration among employees for the best CRM possible.
  • Software Development: Fierce Hound Media offers Software Development services like programming, documenting, beta testing, bug fixing, and many more. We also offers Software Development services during the designing, implementation, deployment, and maintenance along with performance engineering services.

With an experienced, skilledand highly professional team, we intend to redefine our clients businesses by providing effective design tools to make a hike in your sales pitch. We believe that your website represents your company on the web and should reflect your business objectives clearly and impressively to attract and retain more customers. Our team is highly dedicated and have procured immense knowledge of the Web Technologies required to deliver the best Web & Mobile App services and solutions for your business.

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