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SEO vs. PPC: The Pros and Cons

Posted by:Princy Gupta onJanuary 22, 2022

SEO and PPC are two tools that are used by entrepreneurs to increase the number of visitors on their website. However there are pros and cons to both, let’s look into them:

Search Engine Optimization is the process to optimize the visitors to a website by making sure that the page lands high on the search result.


  • As SEO is an organic search, it is vastly accepted and appreciated by more customers.
  • As it is an unpaid search result it is more likely that it will have higher visibility, and eventually lead to higher clicks.
  • Google, Yahoo and Bing are the top players in the world of search engines. Making sure that your SEO is of high quality will land you on these search engines.


  • Procuring the right SEO professional will help your site to maintain stability of ranking high on the search engine, however if you just wait it will take months.
  • The competition is high as there are a lot of companies that hire the experts to maintain their page traffic.
  • A search engine algorithm update keeps on changing and so the ranking of your site is vulnerable to decline.

Pay-per-click is the model where a company pays to the host every time a user clicks on to their advertisements.


  • The result is prompt; the feasibility of your ad to stay on the top search result is instantaneous.
  • Once you are set onto the search result, you need not worry about maintaining your stability unlike SEO.
  • You are left with the liberty to select and target your customers by selecting your geographical locations, age and even gender.


  • PPC can be costly and you need to make you that you set the right campaign.
  • Invest with the right agency, and save yourself from an unsuccessful investment.
  • Constant optimization and testing is necessary to keep your ads performing well.

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