Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

Millions of metrics, bunch of data, countless possibilities for experimenting! Well, PPC is the ultimate armor to lay the groundwork for a successful business venture. It’s not hard to see why we love it so much at Fierce Hound.

Our unique understanding of Pay per Click landscape and performance based business model is apt for your venture. It is a very worthwhile way of reaching your targeted audience online with full control of disbursement and return on endowment.

As a PPC client one is hopeful for ‘Lots of traffic’ leading to professional growth. Fierce Hound strives to attract the right frequency and audience and shape your online reputation and be future ready.

Utilizing the Expertise, we offer you the best from our kitty-

  1. a) Business Analytics

Fierce Hound Strategy based business analytics service is second to none. Our perfect blend of team brings you analysts from statics to quality certification to consultancy; math to marketing in whatever Google Analytics situation you get yourself. We’ll steer you on your way for driving website improvement.

  1. b) Paid search strategy

Now you can reduce your paid search marketing expenditure whilst increasing your sales/leads and ROI. Our maneuvering will speed up your digital marketing presence. As you are paying for every click so you have to stake in what gives you the best return. This is paid search strategy!

  1. c) Custom Landing Page Design

We help you improve key metrics across the site to help stand out from dark horses and help leading betterimproved / lead rate. We imbibe from every single SEOcampaign and continue to reconcile and make strides in the landing page designs.

  1. d) Campaign setup

Our eccentric campaign setup is a proven process which uses data and statistics to scientifically optimize web businesses. It’s a robust set of systems which we’ve certified, tweaked, and refined in order to squeeze out every last bit of value from our clients’ marketing campaign setup.

  1. e) Performance Reporting

A diversified performance reporting is essentially an industry touchstone exercise that will let you know how your PPC campaign is performing on its own and within your core market. The rigorous methodology is underpinned by hard work.

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