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August 29, 2016 1

Online Reputation Management: A Definitive Guide

Posted by:Ajeet Thakur onAugust 29, 2016


A website is instrumental in enhancing a business’ online visibility, but it doesn’t work alone. In fact, having a comprehensive website is an initial, yet, extremely important step in improving an enterprise’s online presence. So once you are done with accomplishing this initial step, it is time for you to move towards using Online Reputation Management (ORM) services for capturing the attention of the target audience.

What is online reputation management?

In simple terms, it is a simple mode of earning the much-needed popularity. Online reputation management involves using the internet as a mode of establishing and publicizing your excellence in a particular field. It involves developing specific social media advertising strategies to influence the audience perception and instil some positivity in their minds about the organization or an entrepreneur. The basic motive behind using online reputation management service is to drive internet traffic towards the business website and build a long-term association with the client.

Why hire an experienced online reputation manager?

You hire a plumber to get the entire plumbing repair done within a reasonable time interval. If you try doing it on your own, there are chances that you end up creating a mess or taking more time than what is actually required. The same situation might occur if you decide to manage your online reputation on your own.

On an online platform, like the FB page, your customers will leave a lot of remarks, some of them will be positive while some that maybe negative. It is in these kinds of situations a reputation manager plays a significant role. He knows how to draw audiences using the positive statements, leaving those ‘not so good’ remarks of trivial importance. Through his years of rigorous hard work, knowledge, and experience, a reputation manager would garner the results that you might fail to put together on your own.

What does online reputation management include?

It includes everything that is required to increase your ratings and help you gain a higher position on search engines. A skilled ORM would use social listings, content marketing, social media optimization, social media monitoring and social bookmarking for improving the online presence.

What are the major benefits of online reputation management?

An online reputation manager uses positive assertions by an organization’s clients to its benefits. The job of a reputation manager is promoting the services provided using these customers’ viewpoints and building a trustworthy and long-terms relationship with a target group of audiences. Eventually, depending on the strategy used, an entrepreneur will have a long list of clients.

An association with a small group of customers that shows trust in your services will culminate into a long list of followers seeking the organization’s services, and this is what would, finally, bring the aspired profit for the business.

ORM can prove to be significantly advantageous. Ingenious ORM strategies can be rewarding for an organization as it would help it establish an effective online presence. Thus, if you want your online presence to be felt, ORM is your partner is pursuit.



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