Business Support & Continuity

Business Support & Continuity

In today’s fast paced world, thinking ahead and preparing mitigation strategies for emergencies are a must for business and organizations everywhere. Having a business continuity plan significantly reduces the time needed to get business operations running again in the case of an emergency. It also helps reduce financial losses and also projects superior professionalism to your clients.

Fierce Hound Media offers Business support and continuity to clients with our self-assessment strategies which assist you to develop a business continuity plan best suited for your organization. Our primary aim is to help you sell your products to more customers.Our Business support and Continuity solutions include services like,

  • Website Maintenance: Maintaining your website is crucial to avoid any mishaps that could ultimately result in unhappy customers. We carry out site maintenance for your website very diligently and make sure that your customers have the best experience possible.
  • Server Side Maintenance: The servers are an integral part of any web based business, and if something goes wrong with them, it takes a lot of time and resources to get running again. We optimize server resources and databases to make sure that you operate continuously and get faster response time along with smoother data flow. This also benefits you by reducing server costs, providing optimum memory usage by the application and involving more users.
  • Cloud Hosting: The Cloud offers many benefits like easy scalability and anytime, anywhere access to business data, which physical server based hosting can’t deliver. We provide the best in the industry Cloud Hosting services which can be tailored to suit your organizational operations.
  • Data Migration: Data Migration requires a lot of resources and skilled IT professionals to make the process smoother. We offer industry leading Data Migration services which reduce the hassle of moving around big data.
  • Solution Architecture Design: We also provide Architecture design for solutions for your whole business operation or for specific elements.
  • SQL Support & Consulting: We offer SQL Support & Consulting service to maintain your high-performance, reliable and secure database environment for your company. We help our clients in managing critical issues in the aspects of replication, monitoring, migrating, upgrading, and auditing.
  • Disaster Management/ Data Recovery: Our services also include Data recovery strategies which utilizes off-site information storage in case of property damage. We incorporate processes like identification of document resource requirements and gap analysis between current capabilities and recovery requirements.

Our professional and dedicated team strives to provide our clients with the best of Business Support and Continuity services which enable our clients to create and maintain more customer influx without having to increase operational costs.

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