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All About Influencer Marketing

Posted by:Princy Gupta onJanuary 15, 2022

All about Influencer Marketing

Marketing, as a general term, is known as a form of communication between the company and its customer audience. It is done with the objective of influencing or inducing a favorable from their customer base towards the company’s product or service.  What is best about marketing is that it is highly versatile and can be easily adapted or tailored according to the needs of the company, which is why it is included in almost every companies list of activities. On the other hand, it is a very detailed and defined process, so careful planning and strategizing is required in order to reap its benefits.

Recently, the word ‘influencer’ is being added to marketing, making it influence marketing. So, what is influencer marketing? In layman’s, Influencer is known as the person who is able to have an effect or impact on the decision-making of someone or something, making it more inclined or positive towards the company itself. If we combine this with marketing, it can become a strong force to reckon with. But it is a complex process that should be done one step at a time.

To start with, we need to identify prominent influencers within the industry the company is dealing with or wishes to in the future. Now, an influencer can be someone with years of experience in that field or an industry expert whose opinions and thoughts are revered in the industry. When industry leaders promote or support your company or product, it gets an edge on the other products or services. Not only that, but even the general audiences are known to be more inclined towards your company or service if it is being promoted or suggested by someone who is a known personality or expert in that field or even the niche industry leaders. Even internal experts can be taken into consideration along with industry trendsetters.

But sometimes there are more than one influencers in one filed or industry, so what should be done then? Well the answer is quite simple. You rank the influencers in the order of their importance and then make a decision based on feasibility and suitability.

After identifying the influencer, you need to first market the product itself to the influencer in order to convince them of the credibility and potential of the product. This also helps the influencer in getting a better understanding of the product, which is later used in creating a better marketing campaign. You can make use of more than one influencer to market you product.

Now, after getting the influencer on board, you need to start small for the first project. Make sure to keep your facts straight and be precise in communication. This helps you in building basic trust with the influencer and set a tone for future collaboration projects. Not only that, but it gives the influencer an in-depth view into the workings of you company.

Next, you need to focus on content creation. Here comes the tricky part. Content creation, in general, is done keeping in mind the interest of the audience and incorporating the product. But, in influencer marketing, the content created should be flexible and easy to change or make addition to. This is done so that the influencer can add their thoughts and ideas into the content as well, making it more authentic and effective. Also, involving the influencer into the content creation process is known to yield positive and progressive results. Not only that, but with this the influencer becomes personally involved in the process and campaign, which further serves as a motivation when it comes to sharing and spreading the content among their circles.

When publishing content, make sure to mention the name of the influencer among the names of the writer. Giving a special mention to the influencer helps in making a better working relation between the company and the influencer and also encourages the influencer to contribute more content in the future.

Finally, the channels used to promote the content should be pre-decided and effective. Social media channels are made use of the most these days, but one should be selective in what content should be posted and where. The influencer should be consulted in this process and their feedback should be valued and incorporated accordingly.

Influencer marketing is not an easy process and requires continuous work and monitoring for it to be a success. Hence, it is highly recommended to hire a professional in order to achieve better results now and in the future.

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