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March 29, 2022 0

5 SEO Trends Every SEO Expert Needs to Know in 2022

Posted by:Akum kichu onMarch 29, 2022

Google algorithms have a key role in the life of us marketers. And even though the core principles of Search Engine Optimization are pretty much the same, algorithm updates in the last couple of years have forced us to work out new strategies to optimize our online content.

Now that we are soon going past the first quarter of 2022, we must brainstorm to use our SEO resources, talent and time in the right direction. The big question is – what SEO trends do we need to focus on to keep our keyword rankings and traffic moving upward? Let’s take a look.

User Intent: User Intent has always been a part of SEO strategies, but it will be vital in 2022. Search engines now push content that is for users. Add relevant keywords that don’t seem forced, and your content may rank high on Google. The search engine works hard to distinguish the intent behind a user’s search despite the query type punched in the search box. SEO professionals will have to bring a holistic approach to their content strategy this year and future.

Automation: Automation of SEO practices started in 2021 and is going to be widespread in 2022. The demand for Python-savvy SEO experts has increased, and therefore the internet is starting to brim with automation. The automation of technical audits will use machine learning to segment technical glitches by content type making it more intelligent. SEO professionals certainly are to invest more in developing automation in the future.

Image and video content: Do you notice that now image blocks also show up when you make any query on Google? Search Engine rewards sites with unique images and shows them at the top. Gone are those days when SEO experts could use stock images and still rank high on SERPs. Now, if you want your content to rank high on SERPs, include unique images because both the search engine and your target audience can now tell the difference between the real and staged images. Google lens is enabling visitors to find products using a photo on their device or on a website. Some case studies have shown that using the max-image-preview can significantly increase the click-thru rate and total clicks for your web page.

Quality: Google, on various occasions, has announced that it prefers indexable, published pages that offer value. The chances of unique content covering specific topics not covered by others are higher than generic topics published to gain links and awareness. Therefore, instead of writing ten short blogs with short-term SEO efforts, you can focus on creating 1,000 to 2,000 or more words long content. This SEO strategy is future-proof.

Mobile and User Experience: In 2021, Google produced new tools to strengthen page experience and mobile content optimization. As more SEO experts will adapt those pieces, mobile page experience will lead the charge. This trend will impact mobile UX along with mobile usability, indexing as well as security.

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