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FierceHound Media strives to provide comprehensive, custom solutions for all your online needs. As an organization, we understand that each and every business has its own individual outlook and culture that sets it apart from its competitors. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to us to be able to reflect these individual aspects. This means that we will help you conceptualize, design, maintain, name and develop your website. We will also help you get into a search engine's good books, make sure your content is engaging, get you active and well-liked on social media, shape your online reputation so it sparkles and so much more.


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At FierceHound, we provide an extensive range of services designed to meet all your digital needs.

Give yourself an online identity (DOMAIN NAME)

Before the design, before the development, before the SEO, in fact, before anything else, you'll need a domain name. Domain name is vital for online business and without it, you have no online presence. Not only will it represent your company, business and service, but it will also serve as a point from where you can launch your online campaign. It's the first step in marketing your product/service online so make sure that it's a step in the right direction.

We can help you find a domain name as per your choosing and then register it to you. Ideally, the domain name should be directly related to the one you want, but at times when this isn't available, we'll suggest to you some other similar names that you can use. By registering that particular name, only you will have permission to use that particular name and no one else. It doesn't matter if your company is big or small, a domain name will add huge amounts of authenticity and respectability to your business/product for a relatively small amount of capital.

Bling out your website (WEB DESIGN / DEVELOPMENT)

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but an ugly and unintuitive website design will get you nowhere. A well designed website will not only draw attention to it, but will make sure to hold the attention of the visitors long enough for you to convey your message to them. There are thousands of other websites on the internet and a this world where attention spans are starting to get measured in nanoseconds, the design of your website may give you an edge over your competitors.

FierceHound's designers have a knack of understanding what appeals to certain people. With the right amount of input from your end, they'll create a website that is a visual treat and embodies your business and ethics. The flowing design of your website will automatically draw the eyes of the visitor to the parts that you want their attention. This will not only be aesthetically pleasing, but will make navigating around your website as easy as pie.

Once the design of your website has been finalized, its then time for the development team to make it a reality. If your website can be likened to a house, the design is the way it looks while the development is the whole underlying structure. Without development, your website is just a façade. The development team is responsible to make sure the all the design aspects that you have decided on work properly when you post it online. The last thing you want is a broken link that doesn't take them anywhere.

FierceHound's crews of web developers have in-depth knowledge of the different types of codes that go into making a website. They then use this vast treasure trove of knowledge to make the design of the website a reality, regardless of how complicated it is. Whether it's a simple static website or a complicated one with animations and transitions, FierceHound's developers are up to the challenge. Before the website is up and running, they'll do a final sweep of all the entire website to make sure that everything works the way it should work.

Mobile Apps

Smart phones have essentially become the new laptops, what with users constantly accessing all forms of data through their phone. More likely than not, your target consumers will come to your website through their cell phones and may even need an application designed to introduce them to your products easily and quickly.

At FierceHound Media, we design not only aesthetically pleasing applications but also highly effective ones that are extremely easy to understand and navigate while getting your brand’s message across.

Custom software development

We understand that the needs of every business are as unique as the business itself. This means that creating customized software and solutions is extremely important as they are designed in a way to fit your parameters and give you exactly what you want.

Web Hosting

Hosting your own website is a very expensive and tedious task. Not only will you have to designate a separate space in the office for you to use as a server room, but maintaining the server will be quite an expensive and tedious task. We can help you out of this predicament by offering to host your website on our servers. Our servers are more than capable of handing high traffic and offer high amounts of uptime. This will ensure that visitors to your website will not be greeted by an error page.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting services by us lets your company perform much higher performance at a much lower cost. Our services ensure that you get much better security, improved results and convenience at a lower cost since you will not have to invest in a number of hardware or software requirements. The biggest advantage you get with our cloud hosting services is scalability. You can have a certain number of servers with certain processing power and increase it or decrease your requirements based on your needs.

Web Maintenance

We know that creating a website is just the first step. Making minor tweaks, routing out bugs and periodical updates are crucial in making sure that the website is running smoothly. Search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms and it is very important that your website meets their criteria. Otherwise, your website may get buried under other websites that offer similar services. By letting us handle such issues, you and your team are free to go about doing much more important things.

Data Migration Services

As you business grows, so will your need to migrate your data and merge with bigger systems. We aim to help businesses migrate their data and implement the latest storage infrastructure technology so that you are always one step ahead of your competition. We understand that you will require fast and efficient migration of your data while ensure that the required data will still be available at all times. Our data migration services will have no impact to hosts and will retain data integrity through block level data migration.

Server Slide Maintenance

As you business grows, so will your need to migrate your data and merge with bigger systems. We aim to help businesses migrate their data and implement the latest storage infrastructure technology so that you are always one step ahead of your competition. We understand that you will require fast and efficient migration of your data while ensure that the required data will still be available at all times. Our data migration services will have no impact to hosts and will retain data integrity through block level data migration.

Software Architecture Design

We understand that the design and architecture phase is of any software project is the most important part as it provides a path that guides the whole project. The software needs to be well suited to ensure that business agility and responsiveness. We combine a multi-faceted approach with the best practices to make sure that we will find the best solution for your business' needs and requirements quickly.

JAVA Development Support and Consulting

We understand that using the right technology correctly can be a huge competitive advantage for companies and businesses. Our team of java developers and consultants are masters at understanding the needs of the client and then designing, developing, implementing as well as thorough testing before development. Our team has a thorough understanding the Java language as well as the framework to ensure that the end product meets your expectations.

SQL Support & Consulting

For any organization using the Microsoft SQL Technology, the SQL server database is very critical for all operations and the maintenance of the server is very crucial. We understand the importance of this technology and provide the best of services to make sure that you are not faced with problems when it comes to the database. We provide complete end-to-end solutions in this aspect, right from support to consulting.

Our support services include maintenance of the servers and assistance in monitoring of the same, whether remote or onsite. The consultation services offered by us include analysis of the problems, server consolidation and identification of the best suited upgrades.

Search Engine Marketing

There are a bazillion websites on the internet with a myriad of companies providing similar services. The question is; how to get your business noticed by prospective clients? The answer is through search engines. This leads to another question, how will you get a high enough rank on a search engine results page so that clients click on your website before your competitors' sites? The answer is through search engine marketing.

Our search engine marketing gurus can help you improve your rank on a search engine results page ensuring that your website appears before others. This process improves your online visibility and increases the number of visitors that your website receives, which in turn may increase your clientele. Our experts use a plethora of search engine marketing methods to get your website to the position it deserves.

Email Marketing

Sometimes it can be long wait before clients approach you and this wait can take its toll. Instead of waiting for them to come to you, why not take the direct approach and make your business visible to them with an email marketing campaign. Email marketing basically targets people or businesses in the form of specific mailers that either promote your company as a whole or just focus on a specific product or service you are offering.

Our team of email marketing analysts uses specialized techniques to segregate clients so that each person receives a mailer that is specifically aimed for his or her requirement. We also help you create a mailer that is not only engaging, but is also informative at the same time. We also provide services to send hundreds of these emails to your targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing

The social networking craze has reached a point where an average person spends hours each day on social networking sites and interacting with people. So it was only a matter of time before someone from marketing noticed that the marketing potential offered by these sites is nothing short of enormous and figured out techniques to publicize their product via social media.

Our marketing experts know all that there is to know about social media marketing. We use this vast pool of knowledge to attract attention to your website though social marketing campaigns that encourage fans, followers and other users to share the same amongst themselves. The social media space has taken "word of the mouth marketing" to a whole new level and our team is well equipped to tap into this potential.

PPC Marketing

We understand that getting to the top of a search engine ranking page through organic search engine optimization could take a lot of time and that is why we offer our customers PPC or Pay per Click services. Through PPC, businesses will be able to make their website and services visible to potential customers quickly. Our team of experts will make sure that the right keywords are targeted so that not only will you get an increase of visitors, but they will be a part of your target audience.

Creative Content Writing

For your consumers, reading the same styles of text over and over again can be tiresome and boring. Creative campaigns and content can help you stand out from the clutter of your competitors and, more importantly, it can help you stay memorable in the minds of your consumers. Brand recall, as they say, is of utmost importance. At FierceHound, we provide creative content writing services to help you make a mark.

Blog Writing

Blogs often act as a direct communication medium between an organization and the clients. Blogs provide a platform for a company to describe its products and services in a lot more detail and highlighting every feature of the same. It is also a medium for the company to highlight their achievements and accomplishments.

Our services include not only writing engaging content for your blogs, but we also strive to help you magnify the online presence of your company. Our blog writing services are aimed at assisting you to generate interest about all the services being offered to the clients.

Research Based Writing

In today's day and age, incorrect and incomplete information provided to any client can be catastrophic for the organization. Getting all the facts right in an article is one of the major requirements for every business looking to make an impression. We place a special emphasis on getting this requirement right with every project.

We specialize in carrying out in depth research for writing the articles that are required to be precise and informative. We strive to ensure that the readers get the correct information that covers all aspects of the topic in question.

Manual Conceptualization & Writing

We understand the importance of different kinds of manuals to be written for the benefit of your clients and employees. Right from providing detailed information about the products and services offered to the clients to informing the company's employees about the policies of the company and the decorum expected, manuals come in handy for a variety of purposes.

We offer an expertise in conceptualizing and writing several different types of manuals including instruction, operator, training, reference and policy manuals along with writing guide books. With our help you will be able to present all the details about your organization as well as the products and services effectively to the clients.

Social Media Management

Social Media is a powerful force for any business as it provides a direct line of contact between the customers and the agency. With our streamlined, customized social media management services, you can control exactly what information reaches your customers and through which platforms. The vibrant social media presence we create for you will vastly improve your brand recognition, reel in new customer segments and continuously provide new, effective avenues for marketing and advertising campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

We provide a range of stratagems, tactics and procedures to improve the ranking of your website in search engine results, which directly leads to an increased number of visitors to your site. With our experience and skilled solutions, your website will get an impressive boost in traffic and a strong, unforgettable online presence. We offer sophisticated SEO solutions customized to individual needs for all types of businesses.

Online Reputation Management

Your online brand reputation is crucial to customer perceptions and can also severely affect sales and business acquisitions. Protect yourself from negative associations by availing our end-to-end online reputation management services. We utilize top-notch software technologies to manage and monitor your reputation across various platforms and offer detailed strategies to create a positive, dynamic online presence and maintain productive interactions with customers.

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We have a diverse team that specializes in almost all facets of digital media. With different outlooks and ideas, our services are provided creatively, quickly and efficiently.

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FierceHounds seasoned consultants leverage new technologies with proven development practices to deliver innovative, tangible & cost-effective solutions. Each step is taken with insight, focus on the right technology and the estimated results. Our innovation & technology blendensures quick turnaround time and fast implementation.


FierceHounds people are its greatest assets. We work closely with you to carefully learn your needs and assist you to implement your IT strategies successfully and cost-effectively. Our consultants not only focus on the technology but also on your core business processes and deliver tangible solutions in a short turnaround time. We always pride our bright, hardworking and amiable team. FierceHounds's quality workmanship has resulted in creating & maintaining strong client relationships.


Our dedicated QA team makes thorough checks to assure our solutions are bug free and in line with your corev business processes. A testament to our commitment towards quality is our ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Reliable support is crucial for any IT strategy. FierceHound is always committed to provide high caliber support & timely maintenance services. Our primary goal is to establish and sustain long-term relationship with you and make us reachable whenever you need assistance..


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